12th World Pharma Conference

Welcome 12th World Pharma Conference - Goa 2024

Announcing the 12th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing, set to take place on the 19th and 20th September 2024, in Goa, India | Hybrid.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a multitude of challenges such as operational complexity, the need to adapt to new therapeutic modalities, and the shift from treatment to prevention. To meet evolving demands on healthcare, enhance patient outcomes, and promote advances in medical science, the pharmaceutical sector continually needs to create breakthroughs.

In this conference, the challenges associated with pharmaceutical research and drug production will be discussed and technologies that can be implemented will be explored.

In our engagement with pharmaceutical conferences over time, we have collaborated to resolve various issues and progress with numerous impactful solutions. As the experts involved, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights on industry trends and potential solutions for ongoing issues.

Confabulation with the experts in this platform will help us to know how to lead forward in global healthcare in the future by taking a more strategic, long-term, and integrated approach to operations.

Let’s be a part of this experience to tackle the most pressing challenges faced today and explore how cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize the industry.

Why Goa

The rationale for holding the 12th World Pharma Conference in Goa

  • Uniting research professionals for exchanging perspectives, current research, validated theories, and novel methods.
  • To identify most significant problems and prospects this industry is facing, and subsequently employ discussions and workshops to investigate innovative solutions.
  • Emphasizing the cutting-edge breakthroughs, patterns, and advancements influencing the progress of the field.
  • To support networking with the esteemed organizations and connecting with experts to improve professional network.
  • To assist in professional growth by providing assets and various sources and insights and connections to support their triumph.
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange on current problems & needs
  • Conveying industry advancements
  • Promoting global health access to medicine
  • Advancing research and innovation
  • Enhancing professional development, collaborations, opportunities for publication and recognition

Key Highlights

Keynote Sessions

Engaging keynote speeches from industry leaders and experts, offering insights into current trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Panel Discussions

Dynamic sessions with experts, thought leaders, and policymakers addressing environmental issues and exploring innovative solutions.

Insightful Presentations

Gain actionable insights from keynote speakers and presenters sharing expertise, research findings, and case studies.

Networking Sessions

Connect with peers, mentors, and industry leaders to foster collaboration and partnership opportunities.


Honor outstanding industry achievements with prestigious award ceremonies.


Explore latest products, services, and technologies from leading industry companies and organizations.

Scope of Conference

The 12th World Conference on Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing is likely to encompass a wide range of topics and scopes within the pharmaceutical sciences and drug manufacturing field. Some potential scopes for this conference could include:

Pharmaceutical Research and Development : Discussion on novel drug discovery, formulation development, and preclinical and clinical studies.

Drug Delivery Systems : Exploration of various drug delivery technologies including nanoparticles, liposomes, micelles, implants, and transdermal systems.

Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics : Presentations on pharmacological mechanisms of action, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic profiling, and toxicology studies.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology : Topics related to biopharmaceuticals, recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and gene therapy.

Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs : Discussions on quality assurance, GMP regulations, validation, and compliance in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Formulation Science and Development : Talks on formulation optimization, stability studies, and scaling up of manufacturing processes.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Distribution : Exploration of supply chain management, cold chain logistics, and serialization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Commercialization : Talks on market trends, pricing strategies, and market access for pharmaceutical products.

Happenings During the Conference

Enhance your knowledge through academic sessions, research presentations, and collaboration opportunities with leading experts and institutions

Experience dynamic events including

Awards Nights,


Quiz Competitions,

Oral & Poster Presentations,

Poster Presentation

Hands-on Workshops

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Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science

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Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Niosomes: An Engineered Technology for Targeted Drug Delivery
Molecular Screening of Aconitum Heterophyllum Identifies Potential Inhibitors of Typhoid Fever - Target

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