12th World Pharma Conference

Eligibility for Member

To be eligible for the role of an Organizing Committee member, individuals should demonstrate a strong background in the field and possess a proactive approach towards involvement in planning and executing the event.

Professors /Deans/ HoD’s

Reviewer of Journal

Assistant Professors with 10+ Yrs

Associate Professor/Academicians with 8+ yrs of experience

Editorial Board Members of Prestigious Journal

Industrial Expertise with 8+ years’ Experience

Apply for Committee Member

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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Identifying & understanding conference tasks and Committees responsible for them. To prepare and execute the Programme module and the scientific agenda of the conference.
  • To identify renowned expertise in his research area for being a part of the conference and avail the services and benefits of the organization.
  • The Committee members should identify promising sponsors, exhibitors to provide better B2B scopes and opportunities at the conference.
  • It is most important for them to be in alignment with overall program strategy and topics. Contact keynote speakers, Guest of honor and gain commitment to date and topic.
  • Coordinate and oversee the conference work and the other activities. Importantly this means ensuring that deadlines established in the timetable for the conference are met.
  • Use the committee to develop recommendations, get registration conferences and help in execution of pre-conference and conference details.

Featured Speakers

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Dr.Palanirajan Vijayaraj Kumar,
Dr.Mohamed Sharaf,
Dubai, UAE

Journal & Publication

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Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science

ISSN : 2583-1968

Colombian Journal of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences

ISSN : 0034-7418

Featured Abstract

"Recognized as the Best Oral and Poster Presentations during the “12th World Pharma Conference"

Niosomes: An Engineered Technology for Targeted Drug Delivery
Molecular Screening of Aconitum Heterophyllum Identifies Potential Inhibitors of Typhoid Fever - Target

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