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  • Journal FAQ

    1. Q. Is the conference is SCOPUS/ ESCI indexed ?
    Ans:Yes, the accepted papers will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index.

    2. Q. Whether all the accepted papers will be published in SCOPUS or only selected papers will be published in SCOPUS ?
    Ans: Only selected papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Journals.

    3. Q. Is the registration fee includes Publication ?
    Ans: Yes, the registration fee includes Google Scholar Publication.

    4. Q. Can I review the papers only without fulfilling any advisory board responsibilities ?
    Ans: No, you can review the papers only after being a part of our committee member.

    5. Q. Can you provide me an extra proceeding ?
    Ans: Yes, charges applied.

    6. Q. Can I add more co-authors in proceeding ?
    Ans: Upto 4 co-authors can be added in the proceedings prior to printing.

    7. Q. Can I get a soft copy of the proceeding ?
    Ans: Yes, you can download the soft copies of the proceedings book from the website Visit

    8. Q. Can you send me modified certificates (if any corrections) ?
    Ans: Yes, we do.

    9. Q Can I get an acceptance letter from the journal editorial ?
    Ans: No, the journal acceptance will not be sent by the Journal Editorial Board.