Transdermal Delivery of Flurbiprofen using Natural Penetration Enhancer: Effective Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ramakant Joshi, Dr. Navneet Garud 1

8th WCPSDM.2021. APR.Published Online 18 APR 2021

Abstract : Present investigation for research was to develop matrix-type transdermal drug delivery system of Flurbiprofen (FBP) with the various ratio of matrix polymers (Hydrophilic and hydrophobic), the concentration of plasticizer and natural penetration enhancer by Box Behnken statistical design to investigate the combined outcome of selected independent variables for effective management of rheumatoid arthritis. The influence of a binary mixture of polymers, plasticizer and penetration enhancer on physicochemical considerations, in-vitro drug dissolution study then Ex-vivo drug permeation study was evaluated.
The study demonstrated that the tensile strength of films improved by matrix polymer ratio and to a slighter gradation in the rise of plasticizer and natural penetration enhancer. Ex-vivo drug permeation study was accompanied via porcine skin as a permeation barrier in Franz diffusion cell. Ex-vivo drug permeation study indicated that matrix polymer ratio (HPMCK15M: ERL100) at 3:1 and natural penetration enhancer (d-limonene) at highest concentration 7.5% w/w containing formulation FBPT7 delivered maximum flux and supplementary improved the permeation of drug. The result of skin irritation test was revealed that developed formulation is free from any type of skin irritation effects like erythema and edema. Based on the findings of this research, this can be established that a well-controlled release and very effective skin penetration of the drug was accomplished by the film FBPT7 in the existence of permeation enhancers for prolonged periods.