Pharmaceutical Synthesis of Pyrazolopyrimidine Derivatives along with its Biological Activity

S. Singh, Dr. Mohammad. Gousuddin 1

8th WCPSDM.2021. APR.Published Online 18 APR 2021

Abstract : Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives attracted organic chemists due to their various biological and chemotherapeutic significance. The heterocyclic fusion of pyrimidine ring and pyrazole ring resulted in formation of pyrimidines, the structural analogues of biogenic purine class, definitely, has high impact in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences with vast spectrum of biological activities. Several pharmacological actvities like mitotic, CNS stimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antibacterial and anticancer activity have been attributed. Numerous pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives have been found to possess considerable biological activities, which stimulated the research activity in this field. Pyrazolopyrimidine derivative show inhibitory activity towards both tubulin polymerization and cyclin - dependent kinase. A series of Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives were synthesized to evaluate their antimicrobial activity, their structure were characterized by NMR, IR and Mass spectrometry.