A Review Article of Anticonvulsant Activity of Herbal Drugs

K.Amudhavalli , Dr.Senthilraja M 1

8th WCPSDM.2021. APR.Published Online 18 APR 2021

Abstract : The term “medicinal plant” include various types of plants used in herbalism (“herbology“ or “herbal medicine“). It is the use of plants for medicinal purposes, and the study of such uses. Now a days, herb refers to any part of the plant like fruit, seed, stem, bark, flower, leaf, stigma or a root, as well as a non-woody plant. Earlier, the term “herb” was only applied to non-woody plants, including those that come from trees and shrubs. These medicinal plants are also used as food, flavonoid, medicine or perfume and also in certain spiritual activities. Epilepsy is an Chronic non-communicable disease. The most prevalent neurological disorder identified was epilepsy Anticonvulsant drugs are used to control the convulsions by inhibiting the discharge and then producing hypnosis. Various synthetic drugs, viz. sodium diphenyl hydantoin (Dialtin) barbiturates, pyrimidon, succinamides, diazepines etc. are used for the treatment. In this paper various medicinal plants and plant components, which are being used as anticonvulsant and antiepileptic, are discussed.