Evaluation of Efficacy of Pudina Extract (Mentha arvensis) on Candida albicans and lactobacillus acidophilus – an In-vitro study

Dr. Dhivya Dilipkumar 1

8th WCPSDM.2021. APR.Published Online 18 APR 2021

Abstract : Introduction: Orthodontic patients have an increase in the microorganisms because of the active sites for the plaque accumulation. Pudina which is a perennial plant has antimicrobial property and can be used as a mouth wash for these patients.
Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Pudina (Mint) on Candida albicans and Lactobacillus species by evaluating their zone of inhibition and determining their minimum inhibitory concentration.
Methodology: Cell suspension with 108 cells were prepared using candida albicans and lactobacillus acidophilus. Using sterile micro tip, wells were made which was about 7- 8mm in diameter. Lawn culture was made on appropriate media.Then the prepared Aqueous and alcoholic extracts with different concentrations were added on to the wells and observed for zone of inhibition for lactobacillus acidophilus and for Candida albicans.
Results: The results showed that there is an increase in the inhibition zone diameter on candida albicans species with the methanolic extract of pudina. There was no inhibitory effect of pudina on lactobacillus species.